My Views

Day 1

Posted in Uncategorized by dullar on December 2, 2006

Views n Opinion is an attempt to give an expression to thoughts, opionions and point of views about the the events and happenings taking place in day to day life of a our country which is fortunate to be called as biggest democracy but its people hasn’t realised its meanings and manifestations in the fullest. For many of us democracy is just a bubble which can explode at any time given its inner stains and for few of us it is a road to personal achievement and goal having the shine of material and spiritual bliss.
Deepening inter-class divide, rising frustrations in the lower classes of society, increasing criminalisation of politics, progressive marginalisation and estrangement of the agricultral and unskilled sections of people, spreading tentackles of ethnic and religious fundamentalism are only a few of the problems that any informed citizen can realise as facing us today.
On the other hand rising material fotrunes of the large middle class of our society has given a general and widespread hope towards betterment and modernisation. Economic modernisation is sure to be followed by political and social modernisation. An informed, impartial and responsible media is the one of the greatest achievement of Indian democracy.
I, through this blog, endeavour to give a more critical analysis, best to my capabilities and knowledge and try to raise questions which are craving for answers.


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