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National Heroes

Posted in Crime & Corruption, Polity by dullar on December 6, 2006

Navjot Sidhu, sitting MP, gets convicted in a murder case. Shibu Soren, sitting cabinet minister, gets life imprisonment punishment for conspiring, kidnapping and brutally murdering his ex-secretary. Is it not a matter of shame for people of India where till few days back there were two two criminals were doing business in the country’s highest and most presitigious institution. Fortunately both for gevernment and opposition one was from BJP party and other was in the government coalition. So whom will the political parties blame now for allowing criminals to ocntest elections on their tickets? Every year such cases of politicians involvement in criminal cases appear before courts and people of India but still to this date we do not have a robust system of filtering such element and not allowing them to enter parliament. Many attempts of Election commision and Supreme court in this matter have been diffused in the parliament because all the political parties have their own interest in allowing the criminals, backed by muscle and money power, in contesting and winning the elections. Why then the people vote for such people in elections? Why do we chhose such people as our leaders, our national representatives?


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