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Social Change @ 8 percent

Posted in Reality Check, Society by dullar on December 6, 2006

Sagarika Ghose writes in her blog as how social change and social reform in 21st century should be like. She writes that some form of social reform has always been taking place inIndian society, sometimes led by saints, sometimes by educational elites and intellectuals. But why then she now wants government to lead the social change in society. The very assumption that government led by power elites will work for a social reform is doubtful. The power elites of country are always concerned and interested in statu quo and conservative in their outlook. India being a democracy doesn’t effect that basic character. Though constitution provides for a political democracy but still the very reason of absence of economic and social democracy lies in that very fact. Even the so called people’s left government in West Bengal gives a damn to its farmers when it asks police to evacuate land for a car making company.
If a social reform has to be brought in this country, then it have to rely on its people only and not on the governments and political elites. Afterall rights have to be fought for and not to be begged before governments.


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