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Baba Vs Bapu

Posted in Caste, Polity, Society by dullar on December 7, 2006

Is this the question that India is facing today? The answer, the validity being doubtful, for the question, Has Ambedkar’s legacy proved more durable than that of Gandhi? is 81% Yes and rest No. Or is this the point that Gandhi’s path of self righteouness was far more tougher than the Ambedkar’s path of agitation for the rights. Certainly today’s dalits and depresed clases have opted the latter path. The ascending of the educational and economic status of dalits since India’s independece has been a fact for everybody of us to notice, and so has been the fight and agitation for the rights of social justice and equality of status. But how far has they achieved their goals is clear by the mass agitation by the dalits all over the country few days back. In the absence of a leadership which is reflective of the dalit’s economic and political aspirations common man of lower classes has come down to roads in their frustrations and desperation. The politics of number has gone into the heads of people of this country to this extent that today our media judge the greatness of two leaders by the number of people coming out on the roads to cleberate or commemorate their anniversaries.
Is it important to debate on the issue that whose legacy has proved more durable than other’s of address the issue that what made people to protest and burn cities? Is our society just enough to fulfill the aspirations of all sections of people? The answer is well known to us and it is a big no in capital words. Politics of reservation has done more harm than good to people. The thing to notice by the series of latest events is how divided our society today is. Social justice is still absent in this 21st century India which is eyeing to be a world superpower. Vote bank politics has eaten the fabric of brotherhood and sentiments of camaraderie of our people.
As Amartya Sen has pointed out political justice and equality has no meaning without social and economic justice.


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