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Apartheid vs Untouchability

Posted in Politicians Speak, Society by dullar on March 30, 2007

One of blog mentions about the statement that our PM gave about the similarities between apartheid and untouchability. Before expressing my views about the credibilty of that statement i would like to go back to dictionary and find the meanings of the two words.
1(American Heritage Dictionary)
An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.
A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.
The condition of being separated from others; segregation.
apartheid: a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not Whites; the former official policy in South Africa
3(American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition)
The racist policy (see racism of South Africa) that long denied blacks and other nonwhites civic, social, and economic equality with whites. It was dismantled during the 1990s.
1(American Heritage Dictionary)
Not to be touched.
Out of reach; unobtainable.
Being beyond the reach of criticism, impeachment, or attack.
Loathsome or unpleasant to the touch.
UntouchableA member of the class that is excluded from and considered unclean and defiling by the four Hindu castes.

The above meanings clearly shows the basic difference between the two words and the context involved. Apartheid was a political and state-backed policy of discrimination of non-whites in South Africa whereas untouchability is a social reality which has no backing whatsoever from state. Infact state has made enough laws ans provided a number of provisions inthe constitution of India where the concept and practice of untouchability is not only punishable under the law of land but also seriously denounced. Undenying th fact that it as a social practice is still pravelent in many parts of country in varied degree of severity but there is a clear fall in the same over the years. It is very clear that state do not discriminate among its citizens on the basis of caste and do not propagate it in any manner.
By comparing the two Mr PM has not only brought disgrace to constitution of India but also clearly showed how wrong his analysis. By accepting it as a major threat to the unity of Indian social fabric on an international platform he has done no justice to the cause of people to this country. He has on tarnished the image of country and proved himself as a soft PM and India as a soft state who though accepts the harsh realities of social discrimination but has done a little for that cause and is gaining hollow sympathies on the basis of false rhetoric.
Secondly as one of national news channel has published a story on its news website, what right have an international organisation got to openely challenge the image of a country challenging its policies and directing for the same. We have taken it has somebody has given us a good lecture. Though social discrimination has existed and is also present today in Indian social life but we have and are doing enough for its cause. Constitution of India and successive governments have been instrumental in improving the condition of dalits in this country. They have equal political, economic and social rights in all walks and spheres of life. Its the people of India who has to be blamed for decreasing the efficiency of the steps taken by the state. If somebody says that police as an institution of state has kept dalits devoid of their rights then we should notblame state for this. Who after-all policemen are? Are not they people of same society in which others are seeing the dalits with a distorted mentality. But the fact remains that these people are wearing khakhi wardi in case of police.
Today there is need of the seeing the rules of law same for both state and society. We rather than taking the directive of international organisations should act on ourselves to discipline our age old vedic social mentality. We should not look at outside laws of humanity and human rights, when our constitution and other legislations have tried to make us dignified humans already. We should uncover the sympathetic faces of few politicians, who are making political mileage out of their public statements and tarnishing the social harmony.


Kick his Butt

Posted in Cricket by dullar on March 25, 2007

Following informtion makes it very clear that if one wants to make his mind aginst Chappell, and build a case for his being kicked out as a coach, it would be a very strong one.

Defeat Well Deserved

Posted in Cricket, Reality Check by dullar on March 23, 2007

After the way India played, it do not deserve to win. It do not deserve to be in the island country any more, it do not deserve to be in world cup anymore.
India’s strength became India’s biggest weakness. God’s failed again for this country’s billion faithful devotees. Millions have a very tough time tomorrow as they will be in utter grief and sorrow over the defeat. For them its not the cricket team that will be oust from the world cup scene but, the hopes, the hopes they have put on the team that will be belied, wish unfulfilled.

I as a person in my previous post appeared to be undeterred by the sentiments of defeat is feeling too low. Somehow, it appears that the air around me is numb and engulfing me with a sense of despair. Som realities are hard to swallow.

Fall in Poverty levels

Posted in Economy, Reality Check, Reports by dullar on March 23, 2007

Two related stories in yesterday’s Mint regarding the issues of poverty and rural economy gave a new addition to the perspective of falling poverty levels and the reasons behind. These are- A new rural economy and ” Poverty at record low” ( i cudnt find the link for this on the website, though read in the paper yesterday).
The revealations are:
1) Substaintial fall in poverty levels( down to 21.8% in 2004-2005 from 26.1% in 1999-2000), thanx to the 2nd generation reforms.
2) Change in the consumption pattern all across the board, including rural india.
3) Fall in rural unemployment is greater than the fall in urban unemployment. It may be due to increasing diversification of agriculture, increase in enterprises(both service and industrial) in the rural areas, greater migration og unemployed youth from rural areas to urban areas in searc of employment thereby increasing the unemployment rate in latter.
4) New Urban enterprises grew at a lower rate than the rural enterprises.(former-3.71%, latter- 5.53%). Former may be due to the fact that in the urban areas starting an enterprise requires adequate skill level, approvals from government, and plethora of other issues. In rural areas, enterprises grew may be coz of increasing intervention by government, subsidies given for the equipments and various schemes of bank loans, SHG initiatives.
5) Increasing diversification and investments in non-farm activites at village levels. Youth are left to their own initiatives given that agriculture cannot absorb increasing population burden and consequent employment demands.

Dislocation first Rehabilitation later(never)?

Posted in Policy by dullar on March 22, 2007

In the wake of absence of a credible relief and rehabilitation policy of states, government of India is coming with a new National Rehabilitation Policy 2007, in order to facilitate and proper implementation of SEZ policy. But the process of dilocation has already started. Is state kidding with people of this country? Who cares, people who have died by the bullets of police in Nandigram are not the kiths and kins of the policy makers in Kolkata or New Delhi. Apart from above facts the parliamentary panel’s view about SEZ are yet to be recieved by the government of India. Agreed, that according to the terms and conditions, the recommendations of the committe will not be binding on the Government but then what is the very purpose of such a committee then. Again people are being fooled by goverment. The parliamentary panel on the other hand may recommend scrapping of very SEZ approvals. It is doubtful. But government has already gone on the back-foot on the very issue. IS there really any need to step over the bodies of dead people of this country before government realises to roll back?

Indian Gladiators Inc.

Posted in Cricket by dullar on March 22, 2007

I cannot think any another name for our national cricket team, which has just proved its worth to 1 billion, blue(or say red, few days back) Indians when they snatched (the match) off the Bermuda. God’s reinstated, faith reimposed, Dhoni can relax again(angry fans, back home has given him a real cause of worry, when they demolished his yet to be home).
No matter how we percieve our neighbours, how many ideological (and otherwise) differences we have with our neighbours, no matter what agonies people might feel about the days 60 years back, one thing where Indians and Pakistanis come very close and seem to be same old brothers who cant tolerate the failures of their cricketers, specially in the event of such international importance. When it comes to the magnitude and nature of fury a sub-continent fan cast on their team, (of course in the event of their unproven nationalism due to a defeat in the game) its hard to differentiate one from other. Some may still stand to differ with my opinion about this coz then, they will ague that pakistani loves violence more, they will be ready to cast a player as a bali in the name of Allah. We are no less, i will say then.
I as a person has grown with time, both in my patience and understanding of the reality of this world. I have kind of detached my heart from the game long back when few players from our national team then, were found coloured in the mud of max fixing. One another argument i give to myself now, in the event of loss of our team, is that its a game after all. Win and defeat are the two sides of the same coin, which might be thought of as tossed after the game, of course only in the figurative sense. I am not doubting at the effort of players, which can very well increase the weight of one side of coin. But again there are few circumstances where deliberate efforts in the negative direction can bring shame to the very own spirit of the game. I am talking about max fixing, if my english doesn’t appear too reflective of my ideas.
There are four things which in my opinion guide the course of verdict in a cricket match. Talent, Effort, Money and Luck. Ground players control the first two, outside players(who knows people might have already fixed the fate of match from outside) control the next one and the last one is beyond everyone.
Cricket match now is a sport or event which for me is only a source of happiness only, undoubtedly this is a case of ‘win’. I discard the feelings and sentiments altogether in case of a ‘defeat’. This is a win-win strategy i hae prepared for myself.You may call me anti-national.

Few at the Cost of Quite a Few

Posted in Economy, Policy by dullar on March 22, 2007

This is the way the development has happened in this country from very early days of the free India. The latest instances of controversies in the matter of coming up of SEZ is yet another glaring continuation of the same. The same has happened few months back when the government gave a green signal to the increase in the height of narmada dam. Is that face of develoment that government is trying to bring in this country, no matter what its consequeces might come out to be. People have always protested about the eviction of the lands they have been relying for their livlihood, since the time of the forefathers. Their are many angles of the attachments, say economic, social, emotional and egoistic.
All the institutional mechanism that were created for the welfare of common man suddenly take a completely opposite stance and work for the very destruction of the same. Police Department, Administrative sytem, Political Parties, State Government, Union Government have a share in the miseries, and un-reedemable losses of the people.
One good and positive aspect of whole issue has been the people’s protest. Now people are mentally more well equipped to protest and raise their voices against the excesses of the state. Media, NGOs, information system, and self-sensitive people has really stood as a guard against their natural and legal rights.
Nandigram has been a blot on the face of so-called for the people and of the people state. Really no doubt there are a few takers for the government’s stand on the issues of type of political and economic development in the whole belt ranging from west-bengal to karnataka, a region some know by name of red corridor. Government itself is pushing common man in the realm of red.

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