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Dislocation first Rehabilitation later(never)?

Posted in Policy by dullar on March 22, 2007

In the wake of absence of a credible relief and rehabilitation policy of states, government of India is coming with a new National Rehabilitation Policy 2007, in order to facilitate and proper implementation of SEZ policy. But the process of dilocation has already started. Is state kidding with people of this country? Who cares, people who have died by the bullets of police in Nandigram are not the kiths and kins of the policy makers in Kolkata or New Delhi. Apart from above facts the parliamentary panel’s view about SEZ are yet to be recieved by the government of India. Agreed, that according to the terms and conditions, the recommendations of the committe will not be binding on the Government but then what is the very purpose of such a committee then. Again people are being fooled by goverment. The parliamentary panel on the other hand may recommend scrapping of very SEZ approvals. It is doubtful. But government has already gone on the back-foot on the very issue. IS there really any need to step over the bodies of dead people of this country before government realises to roll back?


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