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Indian Gladiators Inc.

Posted in Cricket by dullar on March 22, 2007

I cannot think any another name for our national cricket team, which has just proved its worth to 1 billion, blue(or say red, few days back) Indians when they snatched (the match) off the Bermuda. God’s reinstated, faith reimposed, Dhoni can relax again(angry fans, back home has given him a real cause of worry, when they demolished his yet to be home).
No matter how we percieve our neighbours, how many ideological (and otherwise) differences we have with our neighbours, no matter what agonies people might feel about the days 60 years back, one thing where Indians and Pakistanis come very close and seem to be same old brothers who cant tolerate the failures of their cricketers, specially in the event of such international importance. When it comes to the magnitude and nature of fury a sub-continent fan cast on their team, (of course in the event of their unproven nationalism due to a defeat in the game) its hard to differentiate one from other. Some may still stand to differ with my opinion about this coz then, they will ague that pakistani loves violence more, they will be ready to cast a player as a bali in the name of Allah. We are no less, i will say then.
I as a person has grown with time, both in my patience and understanding of the reality of this world. I have kind of detached my heart from the game long back when few players from our national team then, were found coloured in the mud of max fixing. One another argument i give to myself now, in the event of loss of our team, is that its a game after all. Win and defeat are the two sides of the same coin, which might be thought of as tossed after the game, of course only in the figurative sense. I am not doubting at the effort of players, which can very well increase the weight of one side of coin. But again there are few circumstances where deliberate efforts in the negative direction can bring shame to the very own spirit of the game. I am talking about max fixing, if my english doesn’t appear too reflective of my ideas.
There are four things which in my opinion guide the course of verdict in a cricket match. Talent, Effort, Money and Luck. Ground players control the first two, outside players(who knows people might have already fixed the fate of match from outside) control the next one and the last one is beyond everyone.
Cricket match now is a sport or event which for me is only a source of happiness only, undoubtedly this is a case of ‘win’. I discard the feelings and sentiments altogether in case of a ‘defeat’. This is a win-win strategy i hae prepared for myself.You may call me anti-national.


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