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Blame Game, None wins

Posted in Cricket by dullar on April 2, 2007

Although Indian team has found its way out of world cup long back but the show around the team has just begun. Newspapers, news-website, blogs everything is just being overwhelmingly making comments about one issue or the other about the game but nothing is actually cricket.

I just dont understand the hypocrisy of the Indian Media. The only thing they are concerned about is catching attention of the public in whatever manner that comes. When they praise any team member or tie hopes with the team before the start of world cup, or for that matter they criticise the players after their cup debacle, they just want to do everything in extreme. It is the media who makes the players stars and it is only the media who try to put mud on their faces.

Yesterday i read an article in Times of India and i found it completely outrageous. [An off-the-cuff remark by Gary Sobers from his playing days, still rings in my ears. When asked if a particular big century was one of his best innings, he said, “Oh, no, no. That was against India”] I just dont understand that what is the big deal about this statement and what made the author shiver in shame after knowing above fact, if i say. Dont he remember that one of the fines centuries of innings that Sachin Tendulkar played was against Australia, the mighty champions.

Artice also says-Could it be that we are too individualistic to play team games? The other Chappell (Ian, Greg’s older brother), said so the other day, pointing out how two Australians in the recent game against South Africa (Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke), threw away their wickets in the chase for quick runs, even though they were both in the 90s.Indian batsmen, he felt, would have played on, even if that meant slowing down the tempo of the game. Why should i or anybody else take Ian Chappell so seriously. Our players are not that much professional of willy to throw an underarm bowl atleast.
By the way this author is quoting some foreign ex-players like some God is himself uttering these wisdom words. Why dont he quote what Kapil Dev said a few days back to stand by the team in time of crisis, or say comments of Gavaskar and Srikant, although they also have their criticism for the team.

Secondly, why is Chappell playing this blame game? Yesterday he allegedly have said something against the senior team members. He said they acted against his advise and opted to bat first against bangladesh. What a coach is Greg Chappell! He always seems to be saving his face, no matter how. How far this statement of chappell will go in bringing the rift between coach and team, he might not have guessed. What is the need of all this at all? But to my surprise a new news is doing rounds today. This time players have shot back and denied the allegations as true at all.

I think the real saga of Indian cricket comes off the field in most of the times. Sometimes it is in advertisements, sometimes in another game of dirty nature. Blaming. Coach vs Team, BCCI vs team/chappell, selectors vs chappell/team, and the contestants goes on. But, accept it that no wins come here. Everybody only looses.


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