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Is BCCI answerable to anybody?

Posted in Cricket by dullar on April 9, 2007

Given our cricket team put up a very bad performance, BCCI is out there to make up for them and do some serious stroke play. Though played aggressively, few gone oer the top but few are hit-wickets. Unaccountably authoritative BCCI has also ducked to many bouncers of respoonsibility which could have turned it face blue. Verdict is out,

  • Dravid took responsibilty of debacle in West Indies.
  • Coach Chappell already hung his boots.
  • Seniors axed on their pockets. Match fees reduced, made result oriented, endorsement by plaayers slashed.
  • Few served notices for washing dirty linen in public.
  • New coaches for feilding, bowling and managing the team.
  • Need for fresh talents in team though nobody knows where has that talent been so far.
  • Difference between seniors and juniors breached both in terms of payment and need of performance.
  • New mantra of perform or perish tended to be introduced, concept of graded retainership swept out.
  • No player can open his mouth except captain in front of media.
  • Zonal based system of selection scrapped. Instead paid selectors tobe recruited on the basis of some clear eligibility criteria on pan-India basis.
  • Each player in team has to play domestic cricket for a cetain period of time, or when he is not playing international games.

The merit of each of the above changes is being discussed, it is for everybody to ponder that what responsiblity BCCI has taken in all the mess that indian cricket witnesses in last couple of weeks. There are seious question mark on the way the board functions and works in a opaque way. It seems that board has acted in a sense of awe, looking at the way the power of seniors seems to be have increased in quite a some time. Fearing of challenge the latter pose to its supremacy in indian cricket, board has axed the seniors very hard. Corporatisation of board, running it as a rofesssional body, with paid CEOs and full time administrators, graded system of national, state, district of cricket bodies etc have all never raised as issues. Board is also silent at the quality of infrastructue, pitches, sports facility at grass root level. The decisions taken by BCCI has leaves more questions than it tries to answer.Given the brutal treatment given to players, it will not be surprising that they rise against the borad in future, though possibility of that looks meagre from now.


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