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Change in country side in India

Posted in Insight by dullar on April 21, 2007

Jan Breman, Emeritus professor in Comparative Sociology at the Amsterdam University, who is working and doing his research in villages of Gujarat, has some insights in the changing village society in India.

The main changes he counts are :

  1. Disappearance of agrarian bondage. It is replaced by completely casualised labour. This has disrupted the social security elements in village society.
  2. General Poverty levels has gone down over last few decades.
  3. The disparity between poor and non poor has increased.
  4. New type of consumptions has come in which make poor experience their inadequacy more sharply.
  5. Trickle Down Theory works for only those people who have atleast some assets. Landless are worst hit, and no trickle has effected them so far.
  6. Commenting upon religiosity in Gujarat, he points out, that there is increasing religiosity amont the upper castes/classes, but at the same time religiosity is decreasing in the lower castes/clases. They are becoming more and more individualistic and drifting away from the collective action.

This is a well known fact that with increase in urbanisation (which stands at 28% in India right now), the effects of it will surely be on the rural community. With reform period well into its 16th year, the disparities has seen to be increased. The gap between poor and not poor has also much felt now. With more and more privatisation and consumerism spreading, the gap between the type of consumers has also increased. A more wholistic approach rather than trickle is needed in order to spread the prosperity beyond city islands. Overhauling of whole rural set-up is need of the hour. President’s PURA(Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) will be a great idea to implement to fill in the knowledge, information, and prosperity gap between rural and urban areas. Village livelihood support system in form of rejuvenated farming and agriculture, animal husbandry, dryland farming, improving quality of assets created, gainful employment, and far reaching energy solutions based on non-conventional form, informatin and physical connectivity will really improve the condition of village community, if properly implemented. It must be noted that all works under all these heads is going on but the pace has to be stepped up on war footing.


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