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New IITs

Posted in Policy by dullar on April 23, 2007

The idea of opening new IITs has been doing rounds for quite a some time and government has come with proposals of opening new IIT in few states, like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh etc. State governments have also sanctioned land pieces for them. The main argument beahind this is opening of new institutes of excellence, to make more avenues where cutting edge research and innovations can be carried out, to build extensive talent pool which will truely take off Indian economic and social develoment in coming decades. Secondly, opening up of new institutes of excellence and not calling them as IITs will not be able to use the brand name that IITs has made in last few decades. Nobody is considering it as worth to give a second thought to opening of new IITs. Why dont we go after opening up new institutes of higher technical education which can build their individual reputation over the years, rather than cashing on the name and fame of brand IIT. Cant we see the ISB(Indian School of Business) Hyderabad is not an IIM which itself is a big brand name, yet this B-School is doing good as far as quality of education and salaries people get after passing out is concerned.

Pankaj Jalote, B N Jain, D Sanghi, S Biswas, K Ramamritham D B Pathak, all preofessors from IITs have today come up with the support of opening up new IITs in this article. The also have their own suggestions about the whole process. They are suggesting a project based on PPP(Public Private Patnership) in order to build new IITs. Well this can be a great idea, but then why dont we open new institutes which are not called as such IITs. Why do we want to dilute the brand name of IITs, when we know that there can be thousands of other brands India can produce as far as technical institutes are concerned. Private players, big companies in IT like Wipro, Infosys, HCL, IBM etc companies in core manufacturing sectors like Tatas, Birlas, Mahindras etc can be very uselful in collabrating with acedemia in opening new insitutes of higher technical education. Side by side increase the industry-institute interface in order to create industry specific talent pool. Idea is to make the educational pyramid in country more even in its shape. Every capable individual should be given an opportunity in order to pursue higher technical education of high quality. Idea should be to open new institutes which are demand driven and and at the same time striving for excellence in order to compete in era of competition. Merely aping the idea of opening new IITs will not land us anywhere.We shouldnt dilute their brand name. Rather we can arrange and use their expertise in opening new institutes which when attain their full potential earn a name and value more than IITs.


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