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Posted in Foreign Policy, India and World, Polity, Relations with neighbours by dullar on January 16, 2008

Left is running for a cover and searching a new ideological stand to oppose the Indo-Us Nuclear deal after the latest development in the Indo-Chinese relationship with PM winding up a successful chinese state tour. What India gains from the tour are – 1) Increased warmth in Indo-Chinese relationship in a multi dimensional manner, 2) Assurances from China that it will look Indo-Us nuclear deal from a new, friendly, and optimistic perspective, and not merely as a step in the direction of Chinese containment on the part of Washington, 3) Increased credibility of Manmohan Singh government as upholding the basic principles of India’s independent foreign policy, 4) Boosting of confidence of Government to present the deal to the left coalition in a more emphatic way, when left will listen to it more seriously, 5) Increased chances of bargainning India specific norms in talks with IAEA and guidlines of NSG, 6) With border talks now on being conducted with a new vigour and on practical and friendly terms, India’s policy of maintaining a peaceful periphery will get a new zeal. 7) Calming the political and strategic atmosphere in Asia and China visualising India in a new perspective.

Although Manmohan Singh realises the compulsions of a coalition government and parliamentary democracy, the easing of China’s stand on the nuclear deal will give some breathing spcae to the government and its efforts to bring left on board will definately get a confidence. Left again has a chance to ease their opposition to the deal and help government to bring India at a respectable and deserved place on the nuclear energy map of the world. With China sharing the concerns of climate change, sustainable clean energy, and a shared vision of economic and political well being of two great rising powers of Asia, the leftist politics of oppostion and blackmailing should yield to common good of the country by pulling back all its reservations about the nuclear deal 


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