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Where do they stand?

China, most populous nation inthe world, fastest growing nation in the world with above 10% growth rate, (one of)the most authoritative regimes in the world, has once again successful in giving jitters to the world, but (of course) for wrong reasons. With daily updates poured on the news websites related to the excesses of the chinese authorities on the eace loving mnks of Tibet there is something on which the interested readers is missing. What exactly is the bone of contention between the china and Tibet, what is its current status and what, afterall, everybody is trying to achieve or say think what they want to achieve.

Tibet(Dalai Lama)’s stand-

1)Want full blown autonomy on the lines of Taiwan and  Hong Kong under the rule of two authorities one nation. Beijing is not ready for this.

2)Extension of the TAR(Tibetan autonomous Region) to the adjoining provinces which contain sizeable population of monks(upto 60% of the total tibetan monks living in China). Again beijing is against this.

3) Operational autonomy in running the administrative, economic, religious affairs of Tibet.

Apart from refusing to give some breathing space to Tibetans Beijing has lived perfectly upto its image of authoritative, autocratic and communist regime of crushing the demands in some manner or the other.  There are other more subtle ways in which Beijing has undermined the standing of Tibetans in Tibet and world over.

1) Influx of huge numbers of Huns in the TAR who are imposing themselves economically, politically and demographuically.

2)Intrusion in the management of religious affairs of monks.

3) Quietly suppressing the political dissent in the region.

4) Potraying a friendly picture in front of world by promoting tourism and economy of the region whose benefits are reaped largely by the Huns.

5)Connected Lhasa to east by rail in order to facilitate quick and timely transportation of armed forces when required.

6) Pursuing a long termed policy and strategy of unifying and unforming the demographic make up of Tibet, This has seriously undermined the religious nature of the TAR.

7)Having captured the institution of the Panchen Lama, the second-ranking figure in Tibetan Buddhism, Beijing is preparing the ground to install its own puppet Dalai Lama after the present aging incumbent passes away.

And if somebody asks me where does India stand in all this, i would counter ask, does India has a standing at all, a standing which matters? For more curious readers i will try to deal this in a different post.

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Posted in Foreign Policy, India and World, Relations with neighbours by dullar on March 30, 2008

The whole issue of Tibet and its fallout on India has yet again proved that India is a soft state. What else following instances indicate?

1) Indian envoy summoned and reprimanded in the dead of the night in Beijing for the so called breach  of security in the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

2) Indian embassy was not invited for the foreign journalist’s tour to Tibet. It was an attempt of isolating India. Its likeBeijing saying that it doesnt matter for us if you visit Lhasa or not, we know your sympathetic position vis-a-vis Dalai Lama and the ongoing protest. We dont even care if you think that you have any opinion or not.

3) Chinese authorities hinting to New Delhi that the Olympic torch can by-pass this country if the foolproof security cover was not provided for the same. Again the credibility of the security is something which will be decided by Chinese authority and not by the Home ministry in India.

It feels like that India has not come out of the trauma and fear of the events that unfolded the tragedy of 1962 and like we have vowed to be always like never feel guilty of being cowed down by the communist neighbour even if its all such intentions has been proved beyond doubt to everybody from India to US and Russia to Europe. It feels like we are trying to become Asian economic elephant but we are still in some sense political chicken.

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