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Engineering Terrorism

Posted in Aside, Insight, Personal Musings by dullar on April 1, 2008

The recent revelations about the nature, psyche, and  educational qualifications of jehadis and terrorists are startling to me and many of my college friends. Should i feel unfortunate, ashamed, disgraced or horrified for myself that i can be a potent enemy of humanity. I may have that dormant seed which can be watered by some fundamentalist to turn into that tree of terrorism which will bear bombs, to be used by some against rest. Or should i feel happy that in case the possibilities of a full blown global economic recession come alive and strip me of my employability there is someone who can find talent in me, who can give me a job to make my life and destroy others’.

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India’s Standing (Kneeling) on Tibet

Posted in Foreign Policy, India and World, Insight, Relations with neighbours by dullar on April 1, 2008

In continuation to the earlier post i m trying to summarise India’s standing or say no standing on Tibet. India’s relations with China are guided by the “five priciples of of peaceful existence” better known as Panchsheel. Nevermind that China broke this pact in 1092 when it attaced India. The relations between the two countries has been unfriendly since then, only to find a reconciliation in 1988 when Rajiv Gandhi went China. resently border talks are going on to find an amicable solution to the boundary dispute in Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. India has already(in 2003) recognised Tibet as integral art of China, taking a long to realise that it can do little on this front and has no choice. But Tibet has proved to be a thorn in its foot yet again. Now what is India’s stand, what is the credibility of that stand, what are the future or present repercussins of it?

Indiais again treading a soft line true to its nature of soft power in the international arena. India does not allow political dissent to be raised from Indian soil towards China. It supports the religious and spiritual activities of the tibetan monks in India. But again it has allowed Dalai Lama to make Dharamshala its “capital in exile”, whether that is political or religious is for anybody to guess. India wants the political issues of Tibet to be solved by dialogue between Dalai Lama and China and is against any form of violence used from either side to put their points across.

India has isloated itself from the international community who has openly criticised the Chinese authorities for using excessive force against the monks in Tibet. Some of them has also threatened to withdraw from the Olymipics. Tibet is a kind of lost opportunity for India when it could have pressurised China through diplomatic means and by aigning with international community. Tibet could have been a sore nerve on China’s body politic in international arena from Indian perspective. It would have given a boost the confidence of Indian when it will sit in front of Chinese authorities for the border talks related to Aksai chin and more so for Arunachal Pradesh.

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