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Posted in Uncategorized by dullar on July 5, 2009

For quite some time people are talking about sustainability. Such people belong to almost all sections of our society, be it business, politics, pressure groups, environmental institutions, community or the common man. The meaning of sustainability i think remains same for all of them. Its something like living a more fulfilling and happy life by sustaining the choices of present without compromising the capabilities and choices of our future generation to do the same. Its something like sustainable development. You and i have to accept that people understand the meaning of sustainable development in their own ways.Burudtland Report defined sustainable development, which i think is much more widely accepted world-wide.

Business corporations and industries are they way this world is producing its assets. They not only define the meanings of our economic sustenance but also provide us the means through which we interact amongst ourselves and with nature. For Ex: Before Monsoon hit North India, people had a very tough time dealing with the oppressive environment that prevailed for not less than a month. Power cuts made the things more than worse. Now, most of use Coolers, ACs in our home in summers. Some industry manufactured these for us. Now these appliances need power. There comes the role of power generators, may be though coal, petroleum or hydro.All in all i want to say that how we interact with the nature is largely defined and almost dictated by the manufacturers and industrial corporations.

Do we at all care how the businesses around us function. How sustainable their operations are? If i buy a products from the market, do i ensure that the company that made it is taking care the environment in which i live. Is my product environmentally sustainable? Do i penalise any company for selling me a product which is unsustainable from the point of view of the environment or the community? These are some straight forward questions which have some complex answers. But they need to be found out. For wake of you and me and for our society.


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  1. mugenishere said, on October 21, 2009 at 11:51 PM

    I’m sorry I didnt find any other way to contact the blog owner here. This seems to be the only way I can talk to you so please hear me out and then delete my comment if you want to.

    First of all thanks for all the hard work you are doing by writing so much. Its good to see intellectuals write. And now the main reason I’m writing to you:

    This blog is linked to

    Is there anyone here who can speak to Vivek? I need access to his blog. My username is “mugenishere” for WordPress. I would be really grateful to anyone who can get me to communicate with him.

    Vivek, if you are reading this, please provide me access to your blog. My email id is I promise – no spamming and no trolling.


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