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Engineering Terrorism

Posted in Aside, Insight, Personal Musings by dullar on April 1, 2008

The recent revelations about the nature, psyche, and  educational qualifications of jehadis and terrorists are startling to me and many of my college friends. Should i feel unfortunate, ashamed, disgraced or horrified for myself that i can be a potent enemy of humanity. I may have that dormant seed which can be watered by some fundamentalist to turn into that tree of terrorism which will bear bombs, to be used by some against rest. Or should i feel happy that in case the possibilities of a full blown global economic recession come alive and strip me of my employability there is someone who can find talent in me, who can give me a job to make my life and destroy others’.

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Posted in Aside by dullar on April 24, 2007

Himesh hits! Well that should be the name of shmash hits these days. FM radio, TV Music channels, discotheques, marriage parties, pan walas, country side dhabas,its Himesh all the way, everywhere. But i think his remixes are more popular than the slow or original ones. There people have come to a general undeclared consensus that he doesnt sings well but when he serves his numbers trapped in a funky and hep fast music, the man rocks. Today i just tried to see how is the kind of fan following Himesh carries and as usual i checked out for the HImesh communities on orkut. But to my surprise (even i like his fast numbers), the number of “We hate Himesh” kind of communities far far out-weight “We Love Himesh” kind of communities. Even some of the names of his “hate” communities left a bad taste in my mouth.

People say he sings from his nose. I accept he does. So did Kumar Sanu, or say for that matter as Himesh himself mentioned RD Burman, Nusrat Fateh ali Khan Saheb. Might be truth till some extent but i will be an insult to these legends if we compare their verstility with the novice Himesh. Asha Bhosale might even had publicly slapped Himesh for his gustakhi. But looking at the picture from the other side we can see a huge fan following of Himesh. Times of India have commpared him with the likes of Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones…as Himesh is the only singer from bollywood who have performed at the renowed Wembley Stadium London,along with the above greats, where he drew huge crowd to his cheer. People hate himesh, still his shows and stage performances goes hits. What must be the matter now. Himesh might have answer. He says that only 1% of people hate his singing style, rest love him. May be not true, may be true, who cares.

Well personally i think people like his fast numbers, people like his repititive style in fast numbers, coz there it suits the music. Mostly only young people like his songs or say his remixes. People in country side like him more than what in urban India. I dont have any data to support that, but i feel it is like that. Country side youth are more into hindi pop where as urban youth is exposed to a mix of english and hindi pop. So the choice with former is limited than the latter. People hate him, people love him, but one thing is sure that he has revolutionised the way pop is taken in the country. For the people who like him, he is a sort of style statement. He reached to millions of homes through the TV serial Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and people really know him by his cap. He is here to stay. After his initial success with fast numbers, people speculated that he is singer for a day or two, but he has silenced his critics by staying there on the charts week after week. Apart from singer he is a Music director and now Actor. Its Himesh Era for Indian bollywood music, like it of not.

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