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Lahore Tremors

Posted in Cricket, Internal Security, Pakistan, Reality Check, Society, State, Terrorism by dullar on March 6, 2009

The aftermaths of 3/3 are slowly unfolding. And what is worst hit that cricket itself. Pakistani cricket is doomed for many years to come. Like the security personnel who have become shaheed protecting the Sri Lankan team, cricket is also going to pay its part of that shahaadat. It was yet another nail in the cricket’s coffin, and jihads have hit that nail very hard. What was conspired, has already happened in Lahore or Pakistan but its shockwaves have travelled east and we are frightened more than shocked.

The same home minister who took the charge of home affairs after the 26/11 tragedy and resolved to provide a secure and free environment to the citizens of this country who were already shaken to the core by the ghastly act, has now seems to be succumbed under the pressure. He dont want to divulge the secuirty forces to secure our cricketing avenues for the IPL. After people of this country faced the Mumbai challenge with grit and sensibility and never allowed fear to overpower our freedom, home ministry is giving signals of fatigue, more so after the Lahore attacks. Experts has cited many parellels betwen 26/11 and 3/3, but one point where two incidents stray apart is the way Indian side is seen to be going at backfoot as far as assuring for security for the sport in near future. Cricketers and cricket stadiums have always been a kind of potential target for the terrorists. The danger of same is now more real in South Asia which is already bleeding with many terrorist attacks in many major cities. The ideal way to deal with all this should be to increase the security cover, gather intelligence about the whereabouts of terrorists and their activities, and put a brave public face in the national and international media so that the public sentiments should not be hit byt the jihadi terror agenda.

A vibratnt, democratic and strong state should never put hinderances on the freedom of its people. State should gather its resources to provide best security ot its citizens. It should not shy away from such responsibility citing lack of security forces, be it General elections or IPL. Postponement of IPL for the already discussed reasons would amount to a failure of Indian state in more than one sense. It will also give signals as how government is going to provide security for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.


In the name of security

Posted in Cricket, Internal Security, Reality Check, Society by dullar on March 5, 2009

There has always been security concerns for the much hyped and popular cricket mania summed up by the name of IPL. But this year’s edition of the sporting saga has clouded in some unprecedented security dilemnas and the talk of its postpoonement is doing rounds in the union home department. States has also shown much concern regarding the same. The reason cited is the non availability of enough security personnels who can cover general elections and IPL, both being held in the months of April and May.

Its highly unfortunate that we have concluded onthese lines. General elctions are the biggest festival of this largest democracy in the world where people celebrate their identity as free and sovereign republic and exercise their most powerful right, that is to choose their forthcoming leaders. Cricket is the next big thing that happen in this country in the modern times. The craze and enthusiasm by which this sport sweeps the entire nation is no secret to anybody. Its in this sense that watching and following cricket shows a sense of freedom for people.

Known for its one of the largest security personnels in the world, has such a day come in the life of this nation that there is not enough security for the people when they watch their most favorite sport. Can state afford to curb the freedom of its people to this level that it do not allow some twenty or thirty thousand people to assemble at a place to watch a cricket match. Now the government is mulling over these restrictions on the cricket tournament, tomorrow some other thing can come under the scanner of their twisted priorities. General elections are coming, state do not have enough security forces, so all the people are advised to be in their homes. Is this what we call the celbration of our democracy. Oh no, by the way, people can come out and attend the political rallies and election campaigns, as such events are full under the security cover. Politicians are the only heroes and vvips that we can afford to secure. Yes, they are also much qualified to provide some wuality drama and entertainment to us. Not for one day or one month, but for 5 years in and out of parliament.

Postponement of IPL for security reasons will be very sad and unfortunate precedent, if set.

Is BCCI answerable to anybody?

Posted in Cricket by dullar on April 9, 2007

Given our cricket team put up a very bad performance, BCCI is out there to make up for them and do some serious stroke play. Though played aggressively, few gone oer the top but few are hit-wickets. Unaccountably authoritative BCCI has also ducked to many bouncers of respoonsibility which could have turned it face blue. Verdict is out,

  • Dravid took responsibilty of debacle in West Indies.
  • Coach Chappell already hung his boots.
  • Seniors axed on their pockets. Match fees reduced, made result oriented, endorsement by plaayers slashed.
  • Few served notices for washing dirty linen in public.
  • New coaches for feilding, bowling and managing the team.
  • Need for fresh talents in team though nobody knows where has that talent been so far.
  • Difference between seniors and juniors breached both in terms of payment and need of performance.
  • New mantra of perform or perish tended to be introduced, concept of graded retainership swept out.
  • No player can open his mouth except captain in front of media.
  • Zonal based system of selection scrapped. Instead paid selectors tobe recruited on the basis of some clear eligibility criteria on pan-India basis.
  • Each player in team has to play domestic cricket for a cetain period of time, or when he is not playing international games.

The merit of each of the above changes is being discussed, it is for everybody to ponder that what responsiblity BCCI has taken in all the mess that indian cricket witnesses in last couple of weeks. There are seious question mark on the way the board functions and works in a opaque way. It seems that board has acted in a sense of awe, looking at the way the power of seniors seems to be have increased in quite a some time. Fearing of challenge the latter pose to its supremacy in indian cricket, board has axed the seniors very hard. Corporatisation of board, running it as a rofesssional body, with paid CEOs and full time administrators, graded system of national, state, district of cricket bodies etc have all never raised as issues. Board is also silent at the quality of infrastructue, pitches, sports facility at grass root level. The decisions taken by BCCI has leaves more questions than it tries to answer.Given the brutal treatment given to players, it will not be surprising that they rise against the borad in future, though possibility of that looks meagre from now.

Now he is out of it, he can speak his mind.

Posted in Cricket by dullar on April 2, 2007

Kumble has really brought the right point here. Why is Ian Chappell commenting about Indian cricket? Should we ask that to Greg Chappell instead? I think he must be knoiwing better. Greg has proved that how unprofessional he is. Accoring to some reports, some Indian Team Member has alleged against Greg, that he has lost his credibility. I think it will not be very long from now, when many of us will think that we should get rid of this coach. Sooner that happens, better is for Indian Team.

Blame Game, None wins

Posted in Cricket by dullar on April 2, 2007

Although Indian team has found its way out of world cup long back but the show around the team has just begun. Newspapers, news-website, blogs everything is just being overwhelmingly making comments about one issue or the other about the game but nothing is actually cricket.

I just dont understand the hypocrisy of the Indian Media. The only thing they are concerned about is catching attention of the public in whatever manner that comes. When they praise any team member or tie hopes with the team before the start of world cup, or for that matter they criticise the players after their cup debacle, they just want to do everything in extreme. It is the media who makes the players stars and it is only the media who try to put mud on their faces.

Yesterday i read an article in Times of India and i found it completely outrageous. [An off-the-cuff remark by Gary Sobers from his playing days, still rings in my ears. When asked if a particular big century was one of his best innings, he said, “Oh, no, no. That was against India”] I just dont understand that what is the big deal about this statement and what made the author shiver in shame after knowing above fact, if i say. Dont he remember that one of the fines centuries of innings that Sachin Tendulkar played was against Australia, the mighty champions.

Artice also says-Could it be that we are too individualistic to play team games? The other Chappell (Ian, Greg’s older brother), said so the other day, pointing out how two Australians in the recent game against South Africa (Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke), threw away their wickets in the chase for quick runs, even though they were both in the 90s.Indian batsmen, he felt, would have played on, even if that meant slowing down the tempo of the game. Why should i or anybody else take Ian Chappell so seriously. Our players are not that much professional of willy to throw an underarm bowl atleast.
By the way this author is quoting some foreign ex-players like some God is himself uttering these wisdom words. Why dont he quote what Kapil Dev said a few days back to stand by the team in time of crisis, or say comments of Gavaskar and Srikant, although they also have their criticism for the team.

Secondly, why is Chappell playing this blame game? Yesterday he allegedly have said something against the senior team members. He said they acted against his advise and opted to bat first against bangladesh. What a coach is Greg Chappell! He always seems to be saving his face, no matter how. How far this statement of chappell will go in bringing the rift between coach and team, he might not have guessed. What is the need of all this at all? But to my surprise a new news is doing rounds today. This time players have shot back and denied the allegations as true at all.

I think the real saga of Indian cricket comes off the field in most of the times. Sometimes it is in advertisements, sometimes in another game of dirty nature. Blaming. Coach vs Team, BCCI vs team/chappell, selectors vs chappell/team, and the contestants goes on. But, accept it that no wins come here. Everybody only looses.

Kick his Butt

Posted in Cricket by dullar on March 25, 2007

Following informtion makes it very clear that if one wants to make his mind aginst Chappell, and build a case for his being kicked out as a coach, it would be a very strong one.

Defeat Well Deserved

Posted in Cricket, Reality Check by dullar on March 23, 2007

After the way India played, it do not deserve to win. It do not deserve to be in the island country any more, it do not deserve to be in world cup anymore.
India’s strength became India’s biggest weakness. God’s failed again for this country’s billion faithful devotees. Millions have a very tough time tomorrow as they will be in utter grief and sorrow over the defeat. For them its not the cricket team that will be oust from the world cup scene but, the hopes, the hopes they have put on the team that will be belied, wish unfulfilled.

I as a person in my previous post appeared to be undeterred by the sentiments of defeat is feeling too low. Somehow, it appears that the air around me is numb and engulfing me with a sense of despair. Som realities are hard to swallow.

Indian Gladiators Inc.

Posted in Cricket by dullar on March 22, 2007

I cannot think any another name for our national cricket team, which has just proved its worth to 1 billion, blue(or say red, few days back) Indians when they snatched (the match) off the Bermuda. God’s reinstated, faith reimposed, Dhoni can relax again(angry fans, back home has given him a real cause of worry, when they demolished his yet to be home).
No matter how we percieve our neighbours, how many ideological (and otherwise) differences we have with our neighbours, no matter what agonies people might feel about the days 60 years back, one thing where Indians and Pakistanis come very close and seem to be same old brothers who cant tolerate the failures of their cricketers, specially in the event of such international importance. When it comes to the magnitude and nature of fury a sub-continent fan cast on their team, (of course in the event of their unproven nationalism due to a defeat in the game) its hard to differentiate one from other. Some may still stand to differ with my opinion about this coz then, they will ague that pakistani loves violence more, they will be ready to cast a player as a bali in the name of Allah. We are no less, i will say then.
I as a person has grown with time, both in my patience and understanding of the reality of this world. I have kind of detached my heart from the game long back when few players from our national team then, were found coloured in the mud of max fixing. One another argument i give to myself now, in the event of loss of our team, is that its a game after all. Win and defeat are the two sides of the same coin, which might be thought of as tossed after the game, of course only in the figurative sense. I am not doubting at the effort of players, which can very well increase the weight of one side of coin. But again there are few circumstances where deliberate efforts in the negative direction can bring shame to the very own spirit of the game. I am talking about max fixing, if my english doesn’t appear too reflective of my ideas.
There are four things which in my opinion guide the course of verdict in a cricket match. Talent, Effort, Money and Luck. Ground players control the first two, outside players(who knows people might have already fixed the fate of match from outside) control the next one and the last one is beyond everyone.
Cricket match now is a sport or event which for me is only a source of happiness only, undoubtedly this is a case of ‘win’. I discard the feelings and sentiments altogether in case of a ‘defeat’. This is a win-win strategy i hae prepared for myself.You may call me anti-national.

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