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Fall in Poverty levels

Posted in Economy, Reality Check, Reports by dullar on March 23, 2007

Two related stories in yesterday’s Mint regarding the issues of poverty and rural economy gave a new addition to the perspective of falling poverty levels and the reasons behind. These are- A new rural economy and ” Poverty at record low” ( i cudnt find the link for this on the website, though read in the paper yesterday).
The revealations are:
1) Substaintial fall in poverty levels( down to 21.8% in 2004-2005 from 26.1% in 1999-2000), thanx to the 2nd generation reforms.
2) Change in the consumption pattern all across the board, including rural india.
3) Fall in rural unemployment is greater than the fall in urban unemployment. It may be due to increasing diversification of agriculture, increase in enterprises(both service and industrial) in the rural areas, greater migration og unemployed youth from rural areas to urban areas in searc of employment thereby increasing the unemployment rate in latter.
4) New Urban enterprises grew at a lower rate than the rural enterprises.(former-3.71%, latter- 5.53%). Former may be due to the fact that in the urban areas starting an enterprise requires adequate skill level, approvals from government, and plethora of other issues. In rural areas, enterprises grew may be coz of increasing intervention by government, subsidies given for the equipments and various schemes of bank loans, SHG initiatives.
5) Increasing diversification and investments in non-farm activites at village levels. Youth are left to their own initiatives given that agriculture cannot absorb increasing population burden and consequent employment demands.


Few at the Cost of Quite a Few

Posted in Economy, Policy by dullar on March 22, 2007

This is the way the development has happened in this country from very early days of the free India. The latest instances of controversies in the matter of coming up of SEZ is yet another glaring continuation of the same. The same has happened few months back when the government gave a green signal to the increase in the height of narmada dam. Is that face of develoment that government is trying to bring in this country, no matter what its consequeces might come out to be. People have always protested about the eviction of the lands they have been relying for their livlihood, since the time of the forefathers. Their are many angles of the attachments, say economic, social, emotional and egoistic.
All the institutional mechanism that were created for the welfare of common man suddenly take a completely opposite stance and work for the very destruction of the same. Police Department, Administrative sytem, Political Parties, State Government, Union Government have a share in the miseries, and un-reedemable losses of the people.
One good and positive aspect of whole issue has been the people’s protest. Now people are mentally more well equipped to protest and raise their voices against the excesses of the state. Media, NGOs, information system, and self-sensitive people has really stood as a guard against their natural and legal rights.
Nandigram has been a blot on the face of so-called for the people and of the people state. Really no doubt there are a few takers for the government’s stand on the issues of type of political and economic development in the whole belt ranging from west-bengal to karnataka, a region some know by name of red corridor. Government itself is pushing common man in the realm of red.

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